MuslimRecital At the Festival "The Golden Orpheus '72"
from Muslim Magomaev
Date of issue: 06/06/1972
Genre: Pop '70's
Published by: Balkanton
Muslim Magomaev represented one of the most respected artistic dynasties in Azerbaijan. His grandfather Muslim Magomayev (1885-1937), a friend and contemporary of the prominent Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov, was one of the founders of Azerbaijani-composed music. Magomayev's father, Mahammad Magomayev, who died two days prior to the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II while serving as a soldier in the Soviet Army, was a gifted Scenic designer; his mother, Aishet Magomayeva, was an actress. Magomayev learned to play a piano as a child, and began to take lessons from teachers of voice at the age of 14. He finished the piano and composition class of the musical school at Baku Conservatoire, and then graduated from the school's vocal class. As a teenager he became interested in Italian songs, American jazz and other styles of popular music. In june 1972 he was a special guest on the festival "The Golden Orpheus". The track list of this live include: 1. Sudba Moia (My Destiny) 2. Granada 3. Non Pensare A Me 4. Help Yourself 5. Love Story (Where Do I Begin?) 6. Poi, gitara (Sing, Guitar) 7. Svadba (Wedding) 8. Bella ciao (Italian Folklore) 9. Vdol Po Piterskoy (Russian Folklore)
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